Project Manager: Jackie Rochefort
Contractor: Scott Taylor Company
Budget: $100,000
Completion: November 2013

This project is located in an under-served low-income neighborhood. Many of the neighbors are Latino, so all community meetings were conducted in Spanish and English. This project was funded through a Local Government Grant with bilingual services provided by Benton County Health through the Healthy Kids/Healthy Communities Program. A significant goal of this project is to help reduce childhood obesity in under-served portions of the community.
The purpose of the Tunison Park Project is to rehabilitate an existing 2-acre park through playground upgrades (with natural and active elements), ADA accessibility improvements, play field turf restoration, walking path construction and a covered picnic area.

Project Goals:
• Construct a natural/active play area
• Re-store turf to enable informal sports and games, such as soccer
• Construct a walking path around play and picnic areas
• Correct existing discontinuous concrete pathways by connecting paths to play and picnic areas (this will provide accessible routes from public sidewalks and the Tunison Park parking lot)
• Provide new picnic areas adjacent to play areas, including at least one covered area